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run for the hills before they burn [entries|friends|calendar]
Alice Elizabeth

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Moi.. [August 28th 2010 09:29 PM]
Alice. 19. Student. Lazy shit.

Roses, especially yellow ones. Fairytales & fables. M&Ms, from the blue packet. Shots or beer. Medieval history, not modern. Long necklaces & metal bangles. Keeping festival wristbands on. Austen over Brontë. Honey toast & jam ryvita. Being alone, not lonely. Girl indie-pop bands or boy poetic singers. Vogue or Elle. Polaroids & digital. Coffee, not tea. Three sugars & lots of milk. Just eyeliner & lipbalm. Fountain pens, not biros. Technically an adult, but not really. Wonderlands over reality. Every time.

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[July 11th 2008 02:39 PM]
[ mood | numb ]

I was feeling okay. I was feeling vaguely good. I just needed to tidy my room.

As of yesterday I am fully in some patch of misery. I hope it goes away soon.

I was crying so hard on the phone last night I damaged my head in the morning.

The aforementioned room - it's a mess. I tried to tidy.
All I managed was alphabetising my books & CDs.

I've lost my words.


[May 21st 2008 02:53 PM]
[ mood | crushed ]

Palms against my eyes, trying to physically push the tears back in.
But they don't go back in, they just trickle down my wrists.
My palms covered in mascara, & ink from writing in a stupid book.

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No change.. [March 27th 2008 10:55 AM]
[ mood | ironic ]

Things that are new:
Awake in the morning.
A lubitel 2 w/ black & white film.
Growing my hair.
Without my record player.
Cannot wait for summer.

Things that are not new:
Doing coursework at the very last minute.
Taking too many photos.

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Snowy snow.. [March 23rd 2008 03:25 PM]
[ mood | full ]

Go away sun! You're not wanted today.

[January 16th 2008 08:41 PM]
[ mood | gloomy ]

What would you do if the one you loved was so very far away from you?

I can't believe how hard it feels sometimes.
To the point I can barely focus on anything else. The things that need to be done.

Having to wait two weeks in a place that I cannot decide if I like or not to see him again.



Light paintings.. [December 30th 2007 07:31 PM]
[ mood | lethargic ]


[November 16th 2007 04:55 PM]

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No air No fun.. [April 13th 2007 12:11 PM]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Have biscuits & latte for breakfast in the middle of the day.
Listen to summery tunes, "playground punk", & indie classics.
Twirl around in dresses & purple tights.

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Cheered me up no end.. [February 24th 2007 03:34 PM]
[ mood | impressed ]

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